Who am I?
I’m Shahar. And my name is not pronounced the way you may think it is :)
I’m a devoted student in the university of life. Practitioner of the Grinberg Method, a clown, a ‘groupie’ of Non-violent communication (NVC, GFK), an explorer of new worlds and above all curious as a cat.
I can only do things I love doing. Nothing else ever worked for me. Not for a long period of time. At the end it seems to me ridiculous to dedicate this life to something other than Love and honest connection. So I keep choosing this for myself. Although I may get lost sometimes, I find that there is a strong uncompromising force in me that puts me back on track. Always.
I learned to trust myself, by loosing myself many times, and finding myself again.
I’m not a person of many words but I love expressing. I like to find creative ways to do so.
This “Door To Aliveness” is also part of my self-expression. It allows me to offer my gifts to the world. That makes me truly happy. This also allows me to receive a financial energy exchange in the form of money. And therefore keep me doing this work that I love doing.

What do I do?
Offering sessions. Preparing workshops. Staring at the ceiling. Analysing real life situations, again and again. Playing the piano, strumming the guitar, hitting the drums and blowing into the flute. Singing in-tune and off-tune. Keeping in touch with loved ones across borders. Caressing my partner. Making love. I cook. I eat. Taking a dip in a lake or a river. Opening walnuts. 

What drives me?
Being in touch with my needs.

What excites me?
All the things that I mentioned up here that I do. And many more.
Also fatherhood excites me. A-LOT.

A bit of history:
My journey with body-work began in 2005 when I had to heal my body from a problem that western medicine could not treat, or tried to treat unsuccessfully. After a short term Grinberg of 4 months all symptoms were gone and I was on a whole new adventure. I went further with Grinberg and after 2 years of being a 'client' I decided to start studying the same method which gave me so much. It takes 3 years. These were great 3 years of learning the body and a new language for life. In these 3 years I realised what I've known most of my life, that I am gifted with the great gift of sensing other people's bodies. I started translating these intuitions into a real practice in a professional way and on that way acquired many more tools to 'treat' the body and the mind. My life improved greatly, many pain points vanished. I could feel more and connect with myself and others around me in a deep way, my body was sensing everything that is happening to it. I am pleased to say that now I can pass this gift on to others.