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We have inside us all the information we need to unlock our full potential for a joyful ride in this lifetime. Through touch, movement and conversation, you will learn to observe and change real-time patterns that hold you back from achieving a healthy physical body and a healthy emotional body. 

A powerful tool that can bring change to a wide-range of issues. Physical & emotional. 

The Grinberg Method is originating back in the 1980s. It is a mixture of many eastern & western disciplines.

The Grinberg Method is a structured way of teaching through the body. It uses touch, breath, movement, physical exercises, description tools and techniques to increase one's ability to pay attention. To define what needs to be learned, the method combines each person's past experience with their present condition and wishes for the future. The aim is to attain greater health and more personal freedom to choose who and how to be in any given situation.

Whether you wish to stop suffering from physical pain, enhance your talents or develop your ability to bring your best to whatever you want to accomplish—with the Grinberg Method you will meet challenges such as:

  • Stopping routines that hinder you from realizing your wishes

  • Choosing to relate differently to the elements that appear with every change in life

  • Exercising your personal freedom

The Grinberg Method is built upon these challenges and other basic concepts. They appear in any kind of learning offered by the method.

Ailments or dissatisfaction mostly arise through the repetition of out-of-date behavior patterns. These include thought processes, reasoning based on past experiences, motion sequences, emotional states or body postures that limit us in our daily lives or in specific situations.
Awareness of these bodily reactions gets heightened through touch, breath, movement and description. You learn to recognize or even allow them, to reproduce them, and ultimately to end them. Energy that was previously invested in these automatic repetitions can now be redirected to where you consciously choose. Personal qualities and skills are given room to unfold. You win the chance to independently raise your quality of life and attain your personal goals.
The general aims of a Learning Process of the Grinberg Method are bodily well-being, more energy and vitality, the ability to concentrate, to relax, to manage stress, a growing self-awareness, and the ability to act according to your wishes.
Grinberg is not a therapy - meaning, I as a practitioner, do not cure you. I am merely the guide and eventually you will be doing the therapy and healing yourself. This dissolves dependency between a patient and a therapist and is very sustainable.


"The stress buster" The Guardian

Natasha Reid was desperate to treat her crippling panic attacks without drugs. But neither hypnotherapy nor cognitive behavioural therapy did any good. Finally, she stumbled upon the Grinberg Method.


"Challenging 'talking therapies' on fear and pain" Deutsche Welle

No matter what we do, fear and pain are part of life. But the Grinberg Method - which is taking off in Berlin - says we should focus on fear and pain rather than avoid them.


"The Grinberg Method" Deutsche Welle (Radio feature)

This week, we look at the Grinberg Method and fear. Unlike talking therapies, Grinberg teaches people to recognize how certain events were experienced by their bodies at the time of the event, and how they can respond in a different way now.

"The Grinberg Method" New York Times (Globespotters)

Big in the German-speaking world, Grinberg isn’t so much bodywork than repatterning habits. The goal is to teach clients to break physical and behavioral patterns and use freed-up energies more productively.

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